Vocational Discernment

There are many different ways in which we can live out our faith.  Some of us find our vocations in work outside the church walls, others within.  Use the links and resources here to explore various options and possibilities for finding that place where "your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet." (Frederick Buechner)

Bishop Dean T. Stevenson Diocesan School for Ministry

Association for Episcopal Deacons


Discernment Process Outlines

For Those Seeking Ordination to the Diaconate in the Episcopal Church (2016)

For Those Seeking Ordination to the Priesthood in the Episcopal Church (2016)


Interested in religious vocations?  Would you like to learn more?  

Sister Barbara Jean Brown, Anamchara Fellowship

Sister Barbara Jean Brown of the Anamchara Fellowship has kindly offered to provide information and resources for parishes and individuals who would like to know more about vocations in Episcopal religious orders.  Here is a list of religious orders from Anglicans Online.

More about Sister BJ (as she is often called): She is the co-founder of the Anamchara Fellowship and the current Formation Guardian.   She attends St. James, Millcreek, in Wilmington, De.  She is also the Executive Director of the Interfaith Resource Center, a lending library serving all of Delaware and Eastern Shore, Maryland.

Brother David Rutledge, Order of Saint Francis

Read about Brother David Rutledge, a professed member of the Order of Saint Francis from Saint James, Lancaster, here.  Find more information about the Order of Saint Francis here.