Children's Ministry in the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania

Children’s Ministry is a vital part of a healthy congregational life, as well as diocesan life. These pages are designed to help clergy and children’s ministry leaders develop the best opportunities for and with children, as we all come closer to God. These pages are also designed to help parents find resources and guides for their children’s spiritual journey.

We hope the resources will support your work with children, at church and at home. If you have any curricula or resource reviews, pictures, links, or enquiries, please let us know.

We are here to help your children’s ministry grow! 

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Upcoming Events

Approaching the Gospels Together: An Advent Adventure

Dec. 3, 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.., St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, Shippensburg - download the flyer

Come and gain a new perspectives to the Birth of Jesus! Did you ever notice that Jesus’ birth is not recorded by Mark, and that the two accounts as recorded by Matthew and Luke are very different from one another? Prepare for Advent by spending three hours with an amazing experience of the Biblical text. We are be blessed to have the presence of Helen White, a Biblical Scholar and teacher, Ginger Goodrich, Evangelist and teacher, to help us experience the gospels in a whole new way, that is, to view the gospels in their text as if for the first time.

The Children's Charter of the Church

Download a color version here.

Nurture of the Child

Children are a heritage from the LORD, and the fruit of the womb is a gift.

— Psalm 127:4 (BCP)

The Church Is Called:

  • To receive, nurture and treasure each child as a gift from God;
  • To proclaim the Gospel to children, in ways that empower them to receive and respond to God’s love;
  • To give high priority to the quality of planning for children and the preparation and support of those who minister with them;
  • To include children, in fulfillment of the Baptismal Covenant, as members and full participants in the Eucharistic community and in the church’s common life of prayer, witness and service.

Ministry to the Child

Then Jesus took the children in his arms, placed his hands on each of them and blessed them.

— Mark 10:16

The Church Is Called:

  • To love, shelter, protect and defend children within its own community and in the world, especially those who are abused, neglected or in danger;
  • To nurture and support families in caring for their children, acting in their children’s best interest, and recognizing and fostering their children’s spirituality and unique gifts;
  • To embrace children who seek Christian nurture independently of their parents’ participation in the church;
  • To advocate for the integrity of childhood and the dignity of all children at every level of our religious, civic and political structures.

Ministry of the Child

A child shall lead them.

— Isaiah 11:6

The Church Is Called:

  • To receive children’s special gifts as signs of the Reign of God;
  • To foster community beyond the family unit, in which children, youth and adults know each other by name, minister to each other, and are partners together in serving Christ in the world;
  • To appreciate children’s abilities and readiness to represent Christ and his church, to bear witness to him wherever they may be, and according to gifts given them, to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world, and to take their place in the life, worship, and governance of the church. (Ministry of the Laity, pg. 855 BCP)