Diocesan Convention

146th Annual Diocesan Convention 2016

Know your story - live it boldly

Know your story –  LIVE IT BOLDLY is the theme of our 2016 Diocesan Convention

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The answers for Convention Trivia Match Game are listed below. 

1.D    2. E    3. A    4. B    5. C    6. G     7. F    


Revision of Constitution and Canons

Our Diocesan Constitution and Canons (C&Cs) were last revised in 2012, and are in need of updating, because a number of provisions are no longer consistent with ECUSA canons and actual Diocesan practice.  (These revisions were approved - the revised canons will be posted here as soon as they are available.)



Resolution 1: Advocacy for Food Ministry (approved)

Resolution 2: Affirmation of the Charter for Lifelong Christian Formation (approved)



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Annual Reports

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